Recipes from Burlington Edible History Tour


From Sugarsnap, South Burlington, Vermont -

Combine beans (preferably kidney beans), squash (butternut preferred or sweet potatoes), fresh corn kernels, parsley, and cilantro to make 2 lbs. Lemon Herb Vinaigrette (for 2 lbs. of salad):

1 cup lemon juice
1 bunch parsley, chopped
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp. honey
2 tsp. ground mustard
3 cups oil


From Chef Trevor at Church & Main, Burlington, Vermont

1 cup dry couscous and 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring water to boil in saucepan. Add 1/2 tsp. salt to and a little extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or butter if desired. Add couscous and stir once with a spoon. Cover and remove from heat for 5 minutes. Drain off any water that has not been absorbed.

Add a little EVOO, spread on a baking sheet, and refrigerate for an hour. If clumping of the grains occurs, just rake with a fork after cooling.

When couscous has had time to cool down: Add finely chopped celery and red bell pepper. The size of the vegetable cuts should mirror the size of the couscous grain says Chef Trevor, so as small as you can get them is his suggestion.

Add a handful of pine nuts, generous drizzle of honey, a bit more EVOO and additional salt and pepper to taste.

NOTE: Trevor packs couscous mix in small ramekins, refrigerates again, and then flips them over and taps the underside of the ramekin to release the salad into a pretty mound.


From Chef Maura O’Sullivan (inspired by cookbook“Au Pied du Cochon”) at Penny Cluse, Burlington, Vermont -

Cook 1 lb ground pork till browned. Remove from pan.
Use fat to cook onions and some mushrooms until onions are soft and mushrooms give up their liquid.

Add a slug of white wine and reduce.

Then add cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, salt, and black & white pepper to taste. Go light on the spices.

When cool, add a grated cooked potato and some parsley.


From Elise Guyette of Burlington Edible History Tour, a family recipe.

Makes 6 pies

6 lbs ground pork
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp cloves
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp pepper
6 medium onions, chopped
2 cups bread crumbs (plain or with herbs)

Cover with water

Mix all ingredients in a large pot and cook until pork has lost all redness. Let sit overnight for best flavor. Skim off some fat IF there’s a lot (you don't want it too dry). Fill uncooked piecrusts – make steam holes in top crusts. Freeze at this point if desired. Bake thawed pies at 400 for about 40 minutes. Serve hot.

KIBBEH NAYYEH (Arabic: كبة نیئة)

National Dish of Syria & Lebanon from Elise Guyette of Burlington Edible History Tour. A family recipe from her great grandmother, Margaret Schkair Elias, born in 1867 in Beirut, Syria (now Lebanon).

3 large onions
½ cup very cold water or ice cubes
2 lbs ground lamb, pure and free of fat
1 ½ cups bulgur (cracked wheat), rinsed and drained
2 ½ T salt
1 t pepper

Roughly chop onions in a blender. Add onions, bulgur and spices to the meat, and knead together by hand. Add water or ice and knead again. Mound on a plate and serve cold with Syrian bread (known as pita in the US, the Greek name).

If there are leftovers, add some butter (to add fat) and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. Cut into squares.