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The tour cost is $53.50 per person.
Tours run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 1pm.
We begin by meeting outside at 1 College Street, behind the ECHO Center on the lake side.

Tickets are sold through Flynntix.org

For June 2017 dates, visit » this FLYNNTIX page.
For July-October 2017 dates, visit » this FLYNNTIX page.

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“That 10% of the proceeds benefit New Americans growing their own food in the area is just inspiring and brings the tour full circle. ”
—Trip Advisor, Burlington, VT
“What a fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. I've lived around Burlington for 40 years and discovered I knew nearly nothing about the ethnic groups and foods that have been prominent in this city's history. The guides were superb, the food truly excellent, the history fascinating, and the organization of the tour was impressive. I was amazed we could fit so much into a few hours. The conversation was highly accessible and memorable including powerful stories while avoiding the corny schlock that you fear you might be included in such a tour. I've found myself retelling the stories and information to friends--you look at the streets and buildings differently after this experience.”
—Lynn, Charlotte, VT